AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH

Managing partners, partners and members of the management

The office of AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH combines innovative approaches in architecture, urban and transport planning and landscape architecture with over 50 years of international planning and building experience. The projects range from multi-storey dwellings and high-rises, urban planning and urban and regional development to recreation and tourism planning, conceptual transport planning and project management as well as planning-specific preparation of major events and expert opinions for policy advising.

In addition to its Shanghai branch and temporary project offices, AS&P’s home office is located in Frankfurt am Main. AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH has held a stake of 34% of the ordinary capital of PROPROJEKT Planungsmanagement & Projektberatung GmbH since 1996. Currently, AS&P employs around 170 professionals and thus consists of a capable and diverse team of highly motivated and multifaceted experts. Projects are developed by individually compiled teams. Due to the growing complexity and thematic diversity of assignments, AS&P relies on its experienced and constantly expanding network of specialists from varying disciplines.

AS&P’s creativity and knowledge is conveyed through its projects in many countries worldwide. On the other hand, the team consciously integrates its cultural, technological and human experiences collected internationally into its projects in Germany. Sustainability, broadly understood in terms of ecological, economical and social quality, is self-evident in high quality planning and, as a sign of common sense, is always the basis of AS&P’s work.